JOIN US : 2 open positions!!!!

JOIN US : 2 open positions!!!!

POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS in Neurosciences- mechanobiology- electronic microscopy Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology

The laboratory of Nicolas Grillet is recruiting two postdoctoral fellows to work on the molecular mechanisms of sound detection. The hair cells of the inner ear have a mechanotransduction organelle, the hair bundle that is sensitive to minuscule motion. We analyze deaf mutant mice to investigate the role of the mutated genes in sound detection.

The Grillet lab has expertise in molecular and cellular aspects of the hair bundle function (Trouillet et al, 2021, J. Neuro, in press; Wu & Grillet et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2017; Grillet et al., Neuron, 2009;). The lab utilizes fluorescence and electronic microscopy (scanning, transmission, FIB…) to investigate the hair bundle. We also use injectoporation and viral transfection methods to challenge and rescue phenotypes in the hair cells (Xiong et al., Nature Protocol 2012). We look for protein interactors using biochemistry and yeast-2H methods, and finally, we generate mutant mice with CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing or homologous recombination. (

In particular, the Grillet lab has identified a new pathway required for hair cell mechanotransduction (Trouillet et al, 2021, J. Neuro, in press) involving the deafness gene LOXHD1. The candidate will use electrophysiology, calcium imaging, force microscopy, and other optical techniques to characterize the phenotypes from mutant mice with suspected hair bundle defects.
Another project consists in localizing at high-resolution the mechanotransduction channel complex using electron microscopy.

We are seeking graduates with a PhD in neuroscience, biophysics, physiology, developmental biology or another relevant field. Experience in at least one relevant expertise is required.

We are expecting high motivation and ability to work independently as well as part of the team. To apply, please include a CV and a cover letter describing your previous work and career goals, putative starting date, and the contact information for three references to