Welcome to new Lab members!

Welcome to new Lab members!

We are welcoming two post-doctoral fellows in the lab:

  • Diletta Pozzi who obtained her Ph. D. in Neurobiology at the International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy (https://www.sissa.it/).

Diletta will be a member of the Ricci and the Grillet lab, for a collaborative effort to study by electrophysiology mechanotransduction by hair cells.

  • Pei Wang who obtained his Ph.D. in Biology at the Model Animal Research Center (MARC) of Nanjing University, China (http://www.nbri-nju.com/en-us/). Pei will utilize his expertise in mouse genetics and mechanobiology to study hair cells.

We also are welcoming two Stanford Undergraduate students in the lab:

  • Mary Alekseeva who will be managing our mouse colony
  • Eric Zelikman who will be performing TEM ultramicrotome sectioning and TEM section staining